Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Orienteering is a fun sport, it is like the amazing race.  

Orienteering is a thinking game because you have to think before you do something, before you do it wrong.

Orienteering you have to work as a team so you can win and get to the finish line.

Orienteering you have to run fast or walk fast  so you can be finished and complete all the course.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The three symbols of the holy spirit

The finger of god reminds us that God heals and help us.

The dove will remind us that we will have peace.

The cloud reminds us that Jesus is up in Heaven.   

Monday, May 14, 2012

Term 2 Reflection

My favourite thing this term is playing basketball because I learned how to shoot and to dribble the ball fast.

The one that I found hard is the gloss test because there were some hard questions that I didn’t know the answer too.

The thing that I enjoyed the most is maths whizz because I like getting more points.

Typing test term 2

Holy spirit

Fire is when the bush was on fire.

The wind is when it rushed through the room at pentecost.

Water is when Moses parted the sea.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


On Tuesday 11am we went to the courts and we played basketball!. When we walked inside the courts we saw the coach and a lot of basketball balls.

We sat down and the coach said “my name is Bruce” and we said “hi”. After that Bruce said “the rules are don’t talk well someone is talking. And do not chat to the person beside you. And then a tall as man came in with a basketball ball and he was just playing shoot. After that Bruce said “okay Simione can you go where the corner is, Salote can you go and stand where Simione is, Cathrine can you go and stand next to Salote, Tokilupe can you go stand next to Catherine. Can you but your hands up and say your number.” Simione was number 1, Salote was number 2, Catherine was number 3, Tokilupe was the very last number, 4. Simione's group was Sonya, Valensia and Folauhola. Salote had 4 people in her team. Catherine's team was me, Ramonadel, Rachel and Justin. Tokilupe's team was Misiotei and Viliami. In Savelio's team was Ierei and Taiwan. Bruce said “what is your team name” to Simione and he said "Giants". Salote's team name was Breakers, my team name was Power Rangers (Rachel made up our group name) and Savelio's team was Lakers. When we finish making up our team names we started to play. We played Dribbling relay, Dribbling cones and run and shoot. 

Once we finish playing all the games. We went to class as it was room five's turn to play basketball.

Friday, May 4, 2012


On an exciting holiday we went to Mcdonald’s to see the Ronald show but we came late so we only came just in time for the card and for his signature. We had to tell Ronald our name so I did. Ronald said to my cousins and I “what is your name?”so we told him our names. My cousins told their names to Ronald and once we got our card we took a photo and my mum took the photo.

Once we took our photo we went and ate. I had a mac-attack, chips and coke mixed with raspberry. My cousins had the same as me too. After that we went home because it was only my sister at home. I WAS REALLY FULL!

It was really fantastic and I am really looking forward to the next holiday. I hope we do it again.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The top of the emblem reminds us to light our way. On the bottom of the of the emblem is a representation of God’s creation. The waves remind us of the healing water at baptism. The cross reminds that Jesus died on the cross for us.