Thursday, April 5, 2012


Oktapodi was a short, funny movie in Greece. We watched that movie because we have to learn how to share our opinion.

Oktapodi and his girlfriend were in the tank and someone just came and took Oktapodi’s girlfriend away. Oktapodi escaped from the shop and went after her. Oktapodi was on the top of the van and Oktapodi’s girlfriend was in the van. Oktapodi went to his girlfriend while the man was driving and the man looked at the window and he punched Oktapodi. Oktapodi’s girlfriend did something and Oktapodi went flying and the girlfriend went flying too. Oktapodi’s girlfriend helped Oktapodi to get up before the man came. Oktapodi and his girlfriend fell down into the pool and they were swimming in it. The man was racing after them and Oktapodi and his girlfriend were just jumping away. The man was still chasing after them, then finally the man got them. After that the man was putting his hand up and Oktapodi and his girlfriend got stuck on the wire. A bird came and got Oktapodi and Oktapodi’s girlfriend had to then go and save him.

My opinion of the movie is that it is fun, especially when Oktapodi escaped from the shop because I’ve never seen a octopus do that before.


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