Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Netbook description

My triple E p.c netbook is a mini laptop and it helps me with my learning in class.  
My netbook is black and shiny and have a turn on button. When I turn on my netbook it makes a sound and if I turn it off it doesn't make a sound. My learning tool nfeels smooth and cold.

My little laptop is seen in St Pius X School and sometimes it is seen at home.  I always keep it in the C.O.W which means computer on wheels at night.

My shiny netbook is a learning tool and it helps me with my learning.

My mini netbook is used respectfully and not going on the internet and being stupid with it.  I also make sure to not bang the keyboard with my fingers. We are some of the first people in New Zealand to use netbooks for our learning.

My learning tool has internet on it and I take responsibility for it, by looking after it and also being Cybersmart.

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Miss G said...

What a great description Ramonadel, you followed the structure of this genre well. Keep up the good writing.

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