Friday, August 17, 2012

Fruit Description

The fruit of the day was a Granny Smith apple.

The Granny Smith apple is shaped as a circle and it is green. The sweet apple sounds crunchy and smelt fresh. The juicy apple was hard and sort of soft.

The healthy apple was sweet and juicy yummy. The apple is seen in the shops. The fruit is for eating and making it into an apple pie.

The Granny Smith  is special because it is healthy. I think that the Granny smith apple was nice.


Sonya said...

WOW Ramonadel you have follow the structure very well. I especially like it how you explain the Granny Smith Apple. Keep up the great work.

Ierei said...

Wow pua i like it how you explain every thing about the granny smith apple. It was yum..

bezt friendz Ierei

Aurora said...

Wow Ramonadel I really liked your apple description when I red it, it was cool when we ate the apple it was yummy a


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