Monday, September 24, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On Monday the 17th me and my mum and dad went to the kids 4 kids show and we came by car. Me and my mum went inside the Telstraclear in Manukau events centre. We were waiting and waiting then Salote said “Come Ramoandel!”

I went to get my mum and when we were walking we saw Miss G. After that we went inside where we waited for other people. While some of room three students were waiting Miss G gave us something to play and it was knucklebones and cards. I didn’t play with it, I was just waited for my friends. When I was waiting Aurora came in with her bright clothes and her mum so I went to Aurora. We were just talking and just doing random things then we started to wait for Sonya and Ana. After that we saw Sonya, she was wearing her bright clothes too. We saw Ana with her nice bright clothes and she looked really different because whenever
I look at her I always think it is someone else.

A lot of people were there, we were getting in our rows that we were in and I was in row 4 the same as Aurora and Ana, Sonya was in row three. While we were sitting in our rows this girl came and said “be quiet everyone now listen up.” She was telling us stuff about what to do while she speaks to the Audience. After that we went to the stage quietly because the audience would hear us.

After that the curtain opened and there was a lot of people. I was really scared, I wanted to hide my self. My favourite song we sang was sister act because it was cool. The last song we sang was Talk to the Animals. After that Suzanne Prentice said she would go and take photos and stuff in the foyer. It was finished and finally I could relax. We went home, I was so tired.

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Ierei said...

Wow ramonadel you had fun and you might be really tried. Sorry i didn't come to the kids 4 kids show but it must be fun!!!!!!!!

bezt friendz

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