Friday, February 17, 2012

Children of Nepal

What I do everyday
What the Nepali children do every day.
  • Learn how to write
  • We learn how to read
  • we learn reading
  • we go to school
  • We have Activity to play with it.
  • we pray to god every day
  • we have friends to play with
  • we have cars and vans
  • we learn maths
  • we learn to have
  • we read books every night and day.
  • we have singers
  • we have good houses.   
  • help their parents at home
  • do the dishes with the mom
  • play.
  • climbing up pole
  • parent make shrew they have a plenty  of time to play
  • they dress in bright colours
  • to help to wash the cloths
  • children help to ha vest the crops
  • many games
  • they can not go school
  • building materials
  • having a children festival.
  • they grow they own food
  • they smash rocks
  • they make small bowl
  • very poor


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