Saturday, June 2, 2012

Howick Historical Village

Mrs Mills was our teacher for school. She was strict. There were three rows inside the classroom. When we all went inside I was kind of nervous because room 6 said “watch out this lady is gonna smack you.” So I listened to Mrs Mills.

When we went inside we had to curtsy (girls) and bow (boys). Once we finished we had to sit down. Mrs Mills said “girls you sit on the left side, boys you sit on the right side and the rest of you can you sit in the middle”. Justin sat in the front because there wasn’t enough seats on the right. After that Mrs Mills said “sit up and put your feet together and fold your arms”. So we did.

Miss G and Andrew sat at the back because they were seniors. Mrs Mills said “can you you fit” to Sonya and Sonya just nodded her head up and down. Mrs Mills said “okay.”

After that we started to learn about when Mrs Mills was in a boat and she said that this man came and gave her a telescope. She said “far, far away I saw a lot of things. What things do you think I saw? Folauhola said “ice” and Mrs Mills said “yes”. Then Ierei said “Penguins” and Mrs Mills said “yes there were a lot of Penguins”.

Then Mrs Mills got a map that was hanging on the wall, and some things were red highlighted. She said “what are the counties that highlighted in red?” First we started from the bottom. The bottom one was a small country called New Zealand. After that we went to the top it was a big one that the juniors got all the answers wrong. Then Ana looked back and said “Miss G do you know what it is?” but Mrs G said nothing. So Ana looked back again. We passed it over to the seniors at the back of us. Andrew said “Canada” and he was right.

Once we finished we learnt how to write in the olden days, it was really hard to me. After that Mrs Mills said “the things on the board that are written, you have to write it like that”. So we had to write it. Once I finished I looked at my writing and it was ugly to me.

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