Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

There was once a dragon who lived in a cave and there was a boy called Tom. Tom said to his mother “can I go to the bridge?” Tom’s mother said “yes, but be careful because the dragon lives near the cave.”

Tom went to the bridge and the Dragon was hanging upside down. Tom saw the Dragon and the Dragon saw the Tom. The Dragon was scared because his mother said to not play with boys because they are enemies, that was why he was scared.

The Dragon stood up and put his hand on his face. Tom climbed up the stairs and he went to the Dragon and just stood there. The Dragon was really scared because Tom was just standing there. The Dragon was looking at Tom and Tom was looking at the Dragon. Tom was smiling at the Dragon. They became friends but the Dragon’s mum was still scared. Tom and the Dragon lived happily ever after. 

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