Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Imagination Story

One cold morning I was digging a hole when suddenly I fell down into the hole. I screamed as I saw nothing but blackness.
I opened my eyes and I whispered to myself “where am I?” I was standing on white, slimy ground. I looked around and the trees were brown and shaped like squares. Suddenly it started to rain I thought it would be water rain but then it was Gum Ball rain. I looked up and all I saw was Gumballs falling down onto my face and onto everyone. I walked and it felt yucky because of the white slimy ground.

A man came and I screamed because he was small, he had four big eyes, he had 4 small ears, 2 long arms and 2 long legs, one big nose and a big head. He introduced himself and his name was Scottsdale. I whispered to him “hi do you know where I am?” After that he answered my question saying “you are in Dairy milk”. I said “wow, that is a strange name for a country”.

After that he was saying to me “here this is a ball” and I said “wow I have never seen a ball like that in my country” It was a rainbow one and it was amazing. Scottsdale whispered saying “yes it is really special.” He gave me it and “here have it and keep it” I shouted normal at him saying “are you sure?” and Scottsdale whispered saying“yes you can go back to your country now.” I asked “how? I can’t because there is no way to go back to my country” Scottsdale replied “yes you can” I was speaking normal to him saying “how?” Scottsdale said to me “yes, with that special thing that I gave you.” I thanked him and he answered saying “it is all right.” I held the special ball and it took me back and the hole was still there.

Once I was sure that I was really back home I went to put the special gift under my bed.

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Miss G said...

Well done with your story Ramonadel, you have shown the a good understanding of the structure of a narrative. You should be very proud of yourself :-)

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