Friday, June 8, 2012


Wednesday was a special day because we had to stop doing our work because we had to learn how to do orienteering. This man came inside the classroom with Mr Cookley. When he came inside he was really old then we packed our stuff. I was so excited and I think the others were too. He introduce himself and he said “ Hello my name is Mr McGivern. I’m going to show you how to play orienteering,” 

I wanted to play Orienteering straight away but we had to learn how to play it. Once he told us how to play it he said “well we will have to use a paper so we won’t make holes on the ground". So we used paper. First we had a piece of paper from Mrs Irene. It had numbers on it from 1 to 12. The paper that were hidden it had numbers 1 to 12 on it too. 

After when we finish Mr McGivern said “who can tell us what it says.” Kilisitina said “have a nice day.” I looked at it and it did say have a nice day, but know some knew because it was spelt backwards. After that we said “thank you” then they went.

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